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  1. What is Muscle Mass?

Muscle mass, also known as Lean Body Mass, is in simple words the weight of the muscles in your body. This is, in other words, the weight of your body minus the body fat. Muscle mass comprises of the muscles in the body, the bone tissues, the organs in your body and the water in your body. Calculating the percentage of muscle mass actually helps a person to determine how much of a person’s body weight is lean mass and how much of it is just body fat.

  1. How to build or maintain Muscle Mass?

Many fitness enthusiasts dream of having a chiseled physique. For the purpose they perform weight training. This actually helps in shaping your muscle mass as required so that you can make the most of your workout sessions. Muscle mass can be built upon by stimulating a muscle, or in most cases, a group of muscles. The first contributor is this factor is the right kind of nutrition.

The second contributor to this factor is the proper resistive exercise of sufficient intensity. However, only an intense session of workout is not enough – the phase of recovery is just as important. At times, people use supplementary steroids to help them in the process. These steroids help to balance the metabolic rate of the body at an optimum level, give more strength and stamina to sustain the rigorous workouts, and aids in the process of faster recovery thereby giving you your desired sculpted look.


  1. What is Crazy Mass?

Crazy Mass offers a range of 100% legal anabolic pharmaceutical grade steroid pills that are manufactured with natural and safe ingredients by experts in USA under the strict supervision and monitoring of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that aid in the body building process. These stacks of products promise to transform users in a very short time. Consumers using Crazy Mass have reported significant benefits in a very short duration of time – benefits that are both intrinsic and those that are apparent and very much visible.

The visible benefits include fitter bodies with well defined lean muscles that are sure to earn appreciation from friends and foes alike. The subtle benefits include increase in strength and stamina that gives an exhilarating and remarkable workout experience and a faster recovery time as well, along with the increase in the testosterone level in the body. The best part is that the manufacturers are very transparent about all the facts and information, and the price these products are offered at are pretty decent compared to the other similar steroids available in the market.


  1. How does Crazy Mass help in body building regime?

Crazy Mass targets the science behind controlling the muscles of the body in a very safe and natural manner, and as such, when supplemented along with proper diet and exercise can take your body building efforts one step further up. The range of products that are available target the following actions to give you the result you desire –

  • Bulking – The products designed for the purpose would give you the chiseled bulk of muscles that you were always longing to possess. These products mostly contain the testosterone that aids in the bulking up process.
  • Strengthening – These products are designed to provide the muscles with the extra strength and stamina required to sustain longer and sturdier workout plans. These help you stay energized for a longer period of time so that you gain the most out of your workout sessions.
  • Cutting – These products are designed to give you a more defined appearance. Along with that these also help you to shift out any final bit of fat. These sculpt your physique, and also keep hunger at bay and lower your appetite to help you achieve your desired shape without much trouble.
  • Recovery – These products are designed so that your body gets the extra support and strength required to recover sooner. Recovery is an integral part of the body building and workout process, and no matter how excited you may get seeing the progress of your workout, you should not hamper the recovery process. The supplements aimed for faster recovery help you to get back to the track sooner and fresher.


But for faster and more effective results it is recommended to use stacks that are designed to suit your needs. This combination of products is about targeting your chosen areas to give them more definition and yield maximum benefits in a short duration of time. Crazy Mass has clearly defined stack that bring you products specific to your goals and needs.

  1. Why Crazy Mass is considered to be the best supplement in building Muscle Mass?

In any body building process diet and exercise can never be replaced by supplements; but when a proper diet and workout fatter is aided by supplements that have been designed to help you reach your target in strength training, weight lifting or body building, you get more enhanced results in a shorter period of time.

The best fact that makes Crazy Mass stack of products stand out is the fact that these are 100% legal pharmaceutical grade steroid pills that have been made out of natural ingredients by experts and have are constantly under the monitoring of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These are 100% proven clinically tested pills that require no prescription. The oral intake also eliminates any risks that are often seen with similar products that are injected to the body. Above all, even a rampant customer survey has not been able to come up with any negative review or negative side effect of this range of products.

  1. Why Crazy Mass is considered to be top-grade prescription-free legal Mass building supplement?

Crazy Mass range of products have eliminated the fear of getting negative results that can range from something as serious as impotency or cardio vascular diseases to something not that serious but still unwelcome like mood swings and acne. These are 100% legal pharmaceutical grade pills that have been made by experts in USA using natural ingredients and can be obtained without any kind of prescription. No negative side effect has yet been reported by consumers who have used these products.


This is just what is expected since the products are monitored regularly by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These oral pills have even eliminated the risks involved with needle based steroids. The Crazy Mass range of products has also given proven results in a short period of time when supplemented as per instructions along with proper diet and exercise routine. The cumulative study of all these has helped to establishing Crazy Mass as a top-grade prescription-free legal Mass building supplement.

  1. What makes Crazy Mass different from other Muscle Mass supplements?

So if you are in the market for supplements that would help you in body building, and you are browsing the Crazy Mass range of products, the first question that may pop in your mind is that what makes these anabolic steroids different from the other ones that are rampant in the market! First at foremost these steroids are 100% legal and are regulated and monitored by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – this makes them trustworthy and safe to consider making a part of your body building regime.

Let us also add here to tell you that we have umpteen number of customer reviews, and none of them till date have reported any negative side effect of these steroids. Secondly, these steroids are available in the form of pills that have to be popped in as advised – this does away with any pains and safety hazards that are at times related to injectable anabolic steroids. Furthermore, these pills do not require any prescription to be obtained and can be shipped anywhere across the globe. So, the Crazy Mass range of products is all about positive effects that helps to build lean mass without causing weight gain, increases strength and stamina, builds up muscle density and is manufactured and supplied by experts in the United States who also provide detailed safety instructions for the benefit of the consumer.


  1. What are the benefits of Crazy Mass?

The tagline that Crazy Mass always upholds is that Crazy Mass makes Science meet the Muscles; and when used as directed on a regular basis, these pills have shown proven results. These legal steroids help a person aiming at body building to reach the target easily, and also in a short span of time. The combination of these formulas can take your work out efforts to a whole new level to give you results that probably were beyond your expectations. These top pharmaceutical grade steroids help you in building lean mass, increases bulk and muscle density, boost your energy level and raise your strength and stamina, without causing you any gain in weight unless desired. These when properly stacked can give you results of your choice – cutting, bulking and even more. These pills are made of natural ingredients and are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved making them 100% legal to ensure safety of users. In addition to all the benefits discussed, these legal anabolic steroids are available for purchase without any prescription and are shipped free within USA and shipped anywhere across the globe at a low flat rate of shipping and handling charges. The best part is that no side effect of these pills has been reported yet.

  1. What does Stack mean in body building?

For a person interested in body building the term stack would refer to a group of supplements that help to reach the body building targets by enhancing the performance. Stack are generally constituted of products that have different purposes that work together to give you enhanced feeling of energy, endurance level while working out and faster recovery. Different stacks are suggested keeping in mind the needs and wants of an individual. To cover all the requisites, stacks usually comprise of three components –

  • Pre-Workout Products
  • Intra-Workout Products
  • Post-Workout Products
  • Pre-Workout Products – The Pre-workout products aim to provide you with more energy during your workout sessions. Typically these products contain stimulants to help you prolong your hours at the gym. These finally help you to increase your strength and also improve your muscle gain if these are consumed along with sincere resistance training.
  • Intra-Workout Products – The second component that comprises of a bodybuilding stack is the range of products that come under the intra workout category. These products are generally recommended to be consumed at the time of the workout session and are usually known to contain significant amounts of branched chain amino acids. According to opinions of researchers, it has been conclusively out forward that these branch chain amino acids are extremely helpful in increasing the energy capacity. These also help in the increase the conversion of fat to energy.
  • Post-Workout Products – The post workout products aim to refuel your body after your strenuous session at the gym helping you to recover faster than usual. These supplements are integral parts of bodybuilding stacks for they help to promote growth and recovery of the muscles that are generally broken down during the tough sessions of resistance training. These supplements usually comprise of protein and carbohydrates for researches have proved that consumption of the same after a workout session enhances the process of muscle growth.
  1. How well Crazy Mass can adapt to a Stack?

Crazy Mass stacks are your best bet to obtain your specific workout targets at the best possible pricing. These stacks have been thoughtfully put together keeping in mind specific goals of the consumer. These stacks comprise of different supplements and would help you to get the best of your gym sessions; and the best news is that buying in stacks help you save about 20% compared to buying individual products. Now let us take a closer look at the different stacks offered by Crazy Mass.

  • Bulking Stack
  • Cutting Stack
  • Endurance and Stamina Stack
  • Strength Stack
  • Crazy Stack
  • Bulking Stack – If you are tired of being skinny and are aiming to bulk up, the bulking stack would provide you the best possible leverage in your journey. These are hardcore legal steroids that would help you to get the maximum benefits from your workout sessions. When consumed in the way suggested these powerful and super effective products combine to help you gain muscle mass and strength. It is a package that gives you optimum results without compromising upon your health. The bulking stack would help you build your muscles, increase your strength and stamina, ensure fast recovery time. An eight week cycle with the Crazy Mass Bulking Stack has proven a Mass Gain of 20-30 lbs when accompanied by the right kind of diet and exercise program.

The Crazy Mass Bulking Stack includes one bottle each of the following four products –

  • o Dianobal
  • o Testosterone-MAX
  • o Deckadrolone
  • o T-Bal 75
  • Cutting Stack – For those of you who want to tone your body and open your shirt with a renewed sense of confidence the Crazy Mass Cutting Stack provides a world class range of products that are legal and free of negative side effects which would help you achieve your target when consumed in the way directed along with proper eating and exercising habits. This is the ultimate stack for those who are aiming for muscle cutting and hardening. This stack would help you to lose weight significantly, decrease the quantity of fat in the body, give you a higher level of energy and strength and all the while would retain your lean muscle. An eight week cycle followed in the regimented manner would help to increase Lean Muscle and decrease Body Fat.

The Crazy Mass Cutting Stack includes one bottle each of the following four products –

  • Paravar
  • Testosterone-MAX
  • Winnidrol
  • Clenn-MAX
  • Endurance and Stamina Stack – So you have always looked forward to achieving that extra mile in your weight lifting or body building regimen? The Crazy Mass Endurance and Stamina Stack is your best bet to give you leverage. These are the best available legal hardcore steroids available in the market that would give your workout sessions an extra edge without taking any toll upon your health. These steroids when taken in the manner explained by the manufacturers along with a proper diet and exercise program would help to enhance your cardiovascular performance. You shall experience an increase in your speed and strength too. Along with that it would also ensure to provide you a more defined lean muscle. The recommended buy is a supply for eight weeks, and at the end of this period of time you shall have climbed the top of your performance level.

The Endurance and Stamina Stack includes one bottle each of the following four products –

  • A-drol
  • Testosterone-MAX
  • Winnidrol
  • Decadrolone
  • Strength Stack – Any person who has a target in the realm of weight lifting or body building has always dreaded reaching the plateau. If you are one of them, then you are surely looking for avenues to increase your benchmark. The Crazy Mass Strength Stack would provide you with the great enhancement in strength and energy when taken along with a proper pattern of diet and exercise. Muscle gains are an added bonus of this stack. These safe and legal hardcore steroids would be your best friends to maximize your workouts. The stack would also help you to fasten your body’s recovery time, increase the free testosterone level in your body, promote protein synthesis, help in nitrogen retention and also boost energy levels. An 8 week cycle with the Crazy Mass Strength Stack would provide you a strength gain of 20 to 30%.

The Strength Stack includes one bottle each of the following four products –

  • o A-drol
  • Testosterone-MAX
  • Decadrolone
  • Dianobal
  • Crazy Stack – If you are someone looking for The Ultimate Pack in the range of Muscle Mass and Bulking Stack, then the Crazy Stack offered by Crazy Mass range of products is the ideal one for you. These include six of the best selling products in the Crazy Mass range with proven track record of guaranteed results. And the best part is that this stack provides all the best products in one package. This stack is for the ones who want to experience it all – from explosive strength gains to enhanced energy, from dramatic increase in muscle mass and size to super fast recovery, and much more. In short, the Crazy Stack is your fast track journey to a body that you have always longed for. An eight week cycle is recommended initially along with a proper guided diet and exercise routine. The increase in the self confidence would also come along with the bulking up of 20-30 lbs typically in the eight week cycle.

The Crazy Stack includes one bottle each of the following six products –

  • o Dianobal
  • o Testosterone-MAX
  • o Decadrolone
  • o T-Bal 75
  • o Clenn-MAX
  • o A-drol
  1. How significant are the Crazy Mass Stack products for someone interested in Body Building?

We have discussed before the benefits that Crazy Mass range of products can bring to the life of a person looking to have a chiseled physique. But if you are still skeptical about what is so special about these pills and what makes them stand out from other similar products, consider the significance of not having to prick in painful needles to your body, and that too mostly by those who lack experience in handling those. Then again consider the negative side effects of steroids that the whole world is frowning upon at the moment – Impotence, Mood swings, Acne or even Heart conditions. Now consider the Crazy Mass range of products. These are 100% legal and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved pop in pills that eliminate the painful part of body building. The regular monitoring of the FDA ensures the safety of the products. Crazy Mass users have not reported any kind of negative side effects. The manufacturers have painstakingly provided the working principles behind each product in their website so that any interested person can make an informed choice and purchase. Even most of the ingredients used in the products have been mentioned. When used properly, Crazy Mass would seem to be a revolutionary range of products to people who are keen to shape their body in some way or the other. In short, Crazy Mass is your dream come true range of products that help you reach your body building aims without putting your health to any kind of risk factor; and this should be a good enough reason for body builders to find this range of products to be highly useful and significant.

  1. What are the products in the Crazy Mass Range?

If you are someone who wants to shape up your body without compromising on the health factors, the Crazy Mass stack of products are just meant for you. These are pharmaceutical grade legal steroids that can be obtained even without a prescription. These anabolics are formulated and manufactured in the United States and are under the strict supervision and guidance of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The researchers have worked hard for months developing each and every product that constitutes the stack. This is why the manufacturers are so confident about the quality of the products and their effectiveness. And all these products are priced to give you the best possible deal at all times.

Discussed below are some of the major products in the Crazy Mass Stack.

  • Dianobal – Helps to improve Muscle & Strength.

This pill focuses on improving the size of your muscles and also boosts the strength levels. It can do so by increasing the amount of nitrogen retained in the tissues of the muscles. This consequently helps to increase the production of protein. If you are someone who finds it pretty difficult to build up your muscles, then this pill is the right solution for you.

  • Anadroll – Helps in Bulking & Strength.

This is a powerful supplement that helps to prolong your work out sessions. It can do so by delaying fatigue. The pill produces more red blood cells and that in turn helps to delay the exhaustion. It also helps to increase the transportation of oxygen thereby helping in stacking on the muscle. This agent works great on its own to, but also is a wonder as a stacking product.

  • Paravar – Helps in cutting the body to give it a “lean” and toned look and building Muscle Mass.

Paravar helps in giving the body a cutting edge look by making it leaner in shape. It is basically a cutting agent that does not prevent the preservation of Muscle Mass in any way. This pill has also been proven to help increase strength. This one should be used in cutting cycles as it has shown proven results in burning fat and retaining the lean muscle. This supplement is recommended to be used along with Trenbalone for incredible and faster results.

  • Trenbalone – Can be used as a Cutting/Bulking Agent to build up Muscle Mass.

This pill is formulated to help in the release of extensive amounts of testosterone in the body. The pill also helps to retain nitrogen in the cells. The combination of these two helps in improving the Muscle Mass to a great extent. This pill is considered to be perfect in any Cutting Cycle for it is known to have proven fat burning capacities so that you end up gaining Lean Muscle.

  • Testosterone Max – Boosts Testosterone.

This pill is a great boon especially for weight lifters. It helps in increasing the production of the testosterone hormone in the body. This in turn helps to boost the strength gain and increase lean muscle mass. It also acts as a catalyst to increase your energy level and boost the recovery time.

  • Decka – Prevents reaching a plateau in work out results by improving Muscle & Strength.

This pill is considered to be a Crazy Mass favorite. This pill when taken as advised would help you in increasing your strength levels drastically. You would no longer experience plateaus in your workout sessions and would be able to push yourself even further. This supplement is recommended to be used in collaboration with Dianobal and Testosterone Max.

  • Clenn Maxx – Fat Burner that boosts Stamina, Endurance and Muscle Composition.

Designed as an effective supplement to be used both during the bulking and the cutting cycles, this pill is a fat burner that is made up of all natural ingredients. It helps to safely yet effectively burn the fat from your body and retain the muscle concentration alongside too. It also boosts stamina and endurance, controls hunger and appetite, increases muscle composition and size, and pumps up muscle to fat ratio.

  • Winnidrol – Boosts Strength and Muscle Intensity without causing Weight Gain.

This pill is mostly used during the cutting stage. This pill burns fat and increases your metabolic rate. It enhances muscle strength and density without causing any weight gain. It also preserves lean muscle tissues and improves speed, endurance and agility during your workout sessions. It reduces water retention thereby giving your muscles more definition.

  1. What makes Crazy Mass different from other body building supplements?

For many years body builders and weight lifters had no option but to inject steroids to their body to bring effective changes to their muscle mass along with the gym and other work out sessions. It was no doubt a painful experience for mostly they were pricked by people who had little to no experience with needles. Many of these steroids were not even legal and came along with many health hazards too. Crazy Mass range of products has brought a revolution to this scenario. They have been designed by experts who understand the basic working principles of steroids and have come up with ways to use them effectively yet safely. First and foremost, these are pills, and not injections, and so the painful part gets eliminated straight away. Secondly, but most importantly, the products offered are 100% legal, and, all the ingredients that are used are inspected and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Thirdly, the products come with detailed user guidance and safety instructions. So, that is why we can safely say that Crazy Mass range of products has changed the way people perceive and use steroids.

  1. Where can one buy Crazy Mass from?

The Crazy Mass body building cutting stack is only available for purchase on their official website. The site gives detailed information about the prices, shipping and handling. The delivery typically takes about three days within USA, while internationally it may take some more time. Shipping is free within the United States always, while international shipments are charged a very low flat rate for the purpose. The products are packaged in a discreet manner so that your privacy is retained at all costs. The recommendation is to ship out products that would last about two months initially, and then take it from there.

  1. What are the best deals and coupons for Crazy Mass?

If you think pricing would come in the way of accessing Crazy Mass range of products to act as a catalyst to your body building process, it is time for you to think again. Nothing can come in between your aimed body structure and Crazy Mass for there are ample discounts and coupon codes available only for you to make the buying process friendlier to your pocket. These discounts and coupons are updated from time to time, and we bring for you the latest updates so that you can grab the best possible deal while buying your favorite legal steroids and supplements for muscle mass. Since we feature the latest offers, deals and coupons on the block you can be confident about the fact that you are getting the best possible pricing on your muscle mass supplements. We recommend you to bookmark our page to get a steal every time you are in the market for a body building stack.

  1. Is Crazy Mass legally approved?

Crazy Mass is a 100% legal body mass building supplement that not only helps to boost muscle mass, but also builds up stamina. The range of products is under the strict regulation of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and till date no side effects have been reported by the users. Crazy Mass is sold with great care and caution. Although the products are totally legal and are under strict regulation and surveillance, the website has put a clear guideline about who the products could be beneficial to. According to the norms put down by the sellers, the buyer needs to be over a specific age and should not be suffering from health conditions like cardiac problems. The age specification takes care so that a consumer does not have any probability of being affected by any kind of internal injury. Like in the case of any other steroids, over dosage of these medications can put one under severe health risks. But when taken as recommended, these steroids can help one achieve the fitness ambitions and also boost the overall health conditions.

  1. Is prescription needed to buy Crazy Mass?

No prescription is required to buy or intake Crazy Mass. Available in the form of pills that have natural and organic materials as the components, Crazy Mass does not require a prescription. These have been reported to be safe and do not have the negative side effects that many steroids are known to produce, making these pills a dream come true for weight lifters and body builders who are constantly in the search of products that would increase their muscle mass.

  1. What kinds of ingredients are used in Crazy Mass?

Crazy Mass stack of steroids are absolutely legal and are approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). Some of the ingredients used in the Crazy Mass range are as follows:

  • 1,3- Dimenthypentylamine Hydrochloride
  • 1,3,7- Trimethylxanthine or Caffeine
  • Capsaicin-1.12
  • EurycomaLongifolia
  • L-Carnitine
  • Sympathomimetic Amine

These are pharmaceutical grade, and therefore assure that the ingredients used are legal and ones without any health or side effect risks. Most of the ingredients that are used are mentioned on the product itself. However, to maintain exclusivity all the active ingredients may not be listed. But this should not cause any panic, for the FDA inspects the unique formula on a regular basis to ensure that these hardcore supplements are the highest form of RX grade.

  1. How to consume the Crazy Mass supplements?

Crazy Mass stack of legal steroids come with a complete set of instruction that would help first time users in understanding the proper way to use the products. These pills can be consumed by a person both on days when the person would work out and on days when the person would refrain from doing so. These tablets should be popped in two to three times a day along with meals. On days when one would work out, it is recommended to take the products at least thirty to forty five minutes before hitting the gym. If a person consciously follows this set of routine for at least a period of two months, there would be visible changes – in fact some people have even achieved dramatic results. These pills typically help to gain between 15 to 20 lbs of lean muscle mass even during the first cycle of usage.

  1. How safe is Crazy Mass?

Crazy Mass being approved by FDA can be safely labeled as completely safe. These pills have absolutely no side effects if used as directed. These pills are based on scientific principles where anabolic organic and natural materials come together to maximize the effects of work out sessions and help gain muscle mass within a relatively short period of time.


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